Fishing Tackle

Jighead selection
Jighead selection

Fox River Bait & Tackle has all of the tackle that you will need to catch fish on the Lake Winnebago system. Lakes Winnebago, Poygan, Butte Des Morts, Winneconne, and the Fox and Wolf rivers are combined to make for an amazing fishery. Apex predators like northern pike reach trophy size stature on this system. Walleyes are always a favorite among anglers, as numbers are strong. Catching a “limit of eyes” is commonplace during certain times of the year. Also the Winnebago system is an awesome place to do some quality panfishing. Stop in to Fox River Bait & Tackle for the fishing tackle necessary for your next adventure.

    Fly tying material
    Fly tying material

  • Huge selection of locally popular river flies including glow!
  • Over 350 styles of ice jigs!!!
  • Fishing line and spooling services
  • Rods and reels
  • Crankbaits in popular styles and colors
  • Plastics
  • Lead jigs – huge selection with all the hottest local colors/styles
  • Floating Jigs
  • Wolf Fiver Rigs
  • Fly tying equipment
  • Blades, harnesses, and other live bait rigging components
  • Terminal tackle (bobbers, hooks, sinkers, splits shots, swivels, line)
  • Spinners and Spoons

River flies and material

Huge river fly selection
Huge river fly selection

River flies have become the go-to bait during the spring run for walleyes in recent years. They are rigged the same as Wolf River rigs except using a fly (often 2), instead of a hook and minnow. The flies are most often made by local vendors and we know many. At Fox River Bait & Tackle we carry boxes and boxes of different styles of flies, from many different makers. Each style comes in a large assortment of colors and sizes.
Huge selection of river flies
Huge selection of river flies

These rigs are jigged while trolling, just as live bait rigs would be. When you let the rig back down, the flies “poof” out, and then cut through the water when you lift. This action drives walleyes and whitebass absolutely mad. It can be even more lethal when tipped with a minnow. At times, river flies can make for a very quick limit of eyes. Stop in today to get your spring selection before they start flying off the shelf.